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As the Christmas season is fast approaching I just want to take this time and think of all the Injured workers who are struggling through the season. I hope you do not give up, as I have personal have a lot of plans in the new year for  

The WCB's of Canada in the court system! So as you struggle through the season don't give up and remember mist of all to FIGHTWCB!  ​

​​​​​​​Learn here how to file a Constitutional Challenge of the Ontario WSIB Law on your own and for free.

​The WCB, WSIB , WorkSafe, or whatever they choose to call themselves is suppose to protect workers when the get hurt, but seemingly they are really protecting employers by preventing workers and their families their lawful right of action.

Well I beg you, I plead with you to, NEVER GIVE UP!

​I am fighting the WCB, but all I need you to do is one simple thing FIGHTWCB!

To see and hear other stories of victims of workplace accidents

Free legal Representation

If you are a victim of a workplace accident and can not afford legal representation

check out the advocate page which contains some advocates that offer free help like the OWA.


WCB - Workers Compensation Board.

The reasoning behind the formation of the Workers Compensation Boards is to

compensate and take care of victims of workplace accidents when workers get hurt in workplace accidents.   

In doing so, it is suppose to prevent financial hardship for: the worker who was injured, their family, and society.

Unfortunately, sometimes the WCBs don't always work, 

this is where the FightWCB website comes in to help you fight back!

You may not have a WCB

In many jurisdictions they have changed their name of the WCB, to something else.

For example:

in Ontario their name is now WSIB,

In British Columbia their name is now WorkSafeBC,

​In New Brunswick their name is now WorkSafeNB.


This site contains specific information for victims of workplace accidents to fight their

respective workers compensation boards in any Common law Country.

Some common law countries are: the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and others 

There are several ways that people can fight their respective WCBs some of them are as follows:

​Within the WCB system, Civil Court, Judicial Review, Criminal Court, and many more​.

To find out how you can effectively fight your WCB click here.

Please tell your story to help yourself, and others better understand what is going on!
Many Victims of workplace accidents have told their story and put it on YouTube,
I am asking you to do the same and send me the link, I will add it to the Tell your story page with the others.

Tell me what you think, your opinion matters!

A special thanks to the members of injured workers through out the globe who are fighting their WCBs and have sent me encouragement and support!


I have confirmed with the Court of Appeal for Ontario

that my appeal has been schedule for December 18, 2017!

Some are amazed of what I have done,

that an injured dumb truck driver like myself,

can represent himself not just in court, but at the Court of Appeal!

Well the only thing amazing is that you can do it, as well!

As Christmas is fast approaching I call on all injured workers to join Ontario's day of action on December 11, 2017 and do your part, protest, hand flyers out, do something, to support #WorkersCompIsARight campaign across the country and the globe!


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Please let me using my contact page or send me an e-mail to fightwcb@gmail.com.

I won't be offended, as criticism makes things better! Besides I have been offended by the WCB for twenty years!

Please be patient as I am working to get the website up and running and structured in an easy helpful way. 
​Check back regularly as I am updating it with content regularly!

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To Endorse the #15andFairness campaign 


Fairness, Decent hours for decent incomes, Paid sick days, Right to Organize, Respect at Work, Rules that protect everyone, & $15 minimum wage 

For those injured workers in Alberta check out http://albertainjuredworkers.ca/ it maybe even more help for you

Fight WCB

The video is from the June 1, 2017 Injured Worker Day Rally at Queens Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

​It would be great if this could be done in every Province in Canada and every Country in the world!

Two important labour campaigns have been launched in Ontario for fairness!


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No cuts based on phantom jobs, Listen to injured workers’ treating healthcare professionals, and Stop cutting benefits based on ‘pre-existing conditions’

When a worker suffers an injury or dies as a result of  a work place accident, the WCBs, employers, and even workers themselves call them injured workers and not victims. WHY? In car accidents and any other time when people are hurt or killed as a result of an accident they are called victims.

Most consider a person who suffers an injury or death as a result of an accident a "Victim".

Maybe the reason injured workers are called this, as opposed to victims is that this is a very successful attempt at the WCBs and employers to have any public sympathy removed. To even allocate blame to the worker for the accident.  

 The Canadian Federal Department of Justice defines a victim as the following:

"Definition of a victim

A victim is defined as a person who has suffered physical or emotional harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime. The rights are available to a victim who is in Canada or who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The following people can exercise a victim’s rights if the victim is dead or not able to act on his or her own behalf:

A victim’s spouse
A common law partner who has lived with the victim for at least one year prior to the victim’s death
A relative or dependant of the victim
Anyone who has custody of the victim or of the victim’s dependant.

There are presently four civil actions in Ontario against the Ontario WCB (WSIB) two class actions & two individual. One case was denied leave(permission to appeal) to appeal to the Court of Appeal for Ontario. If you know of any other civil cases against a WCB, regardless of the province/state or country

please let me know! 

Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board