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In my story, I will be discussing such issues as:

  • How I was treated by my employer during my recovery process,
  • How I was re-injured numerous times in Ontario's infamous forced return to work program,
  • How the WCB/WSIB said I was faking and said I was making up my physical limitations, even though I was going by what they said I could do and could not do,
  • How the WCB/WSIB ignore my non-work-related disability,
  • How the WCB/WSIB ignored my work related disbaitlies,
  • How the WCB/WSIB screwed up my retraining program and then attempted to cover up their mistakes, and
  • How the WCB/WSIB intentional ignored any concerns of safety I had, with return to work and retraining programs. Specifically, how I was taking strong pain medication and they were ordering me back to work which was driving a transport truck.

​Then how when I went to the Ontario Workers Compensation Tribunal, I was treated horrifically! During the hearing process, the WSIAT:

  • Panel members said that I was a ‘fucking joke’,
  • Panel members said that I deserved to have my ass kicked for not working supporting my family,
  • ​Panel members said that all injured workers are faking their injuries,
  • Declined me to call any relevant witnesses to prove my case, and
  • Continually interrupting me in the middle of questioning the witnesses I was allowed to call.

​The comments above made by the WSIAT panel members were not just heard by me, I also was able to record everything they said about what they thought of me as an injured worker and all injured workers! As you progress through my story you too can hear the recording for yourself, which I will be providing. I will also be providing documents to confirm virtually everything I have said here in my story!

My name is Paul Taylor I live in the Province of Ontario, in Canada,
and this is my story!

In Ontario when workers are hurt they must apply for benefits to the workers compensation board – WCB. On January 1, 1998, the Ontario WCB became the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board – WSIB. Also in Ontario, a person can appeal a WSIB decision to the Tribunal, which after January 1, 1998 became

the Workplace Safety & Insurance Tribunal - WSIAT.  

I suffered a workplace injury on February 6th, 1997 when I was working. Here, I will be telling my story with my dealings with my employer, the WCB/WSIB, the WSIAT, Ontario Civil Court, as well as the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

My Story

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