Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB

​Fight the WCB with Public Appeal

This page has been setup to help fight the WCB in the public arena through public opinion.

​Two ways at present are:

1. Awareness to the public of the plight of injured workers, and

                        2. Awareness of information for victims of workplace accidents.

​Additional pages have already been setup for these items, which are below.

In addition information about many other advocacy groups have also been setup.


Also if you have concerns about the treatment of a WCB doctors or doctors who are paid by the WCB, then you can file a complaint with the licensing agency for example in Ontario you can complain to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.  For more information click here to fight WCB Doctors

If you have information or would like to submit an ideal please use the contact page.