Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB

​Fight the WCB within the WCB System 


This page has been be setup to help you fight the WCB from within the WCB systems.

This is  including adjudicative reconsiderations, to WCB Appeal decisions, to WCB Tribunal Appeals.

​ Please keep checking back as the website is being updated on a daily basis.


In most WCB decision making systems, there are two layers of decision making.

That is ​adjudication or first level decision making.

​This is where the initial decisions are made based on facts and information that have been provided tot he WCB.

The second level is the appeal level.

Some Provincial or State WCB boards do not have any appeal process, it is best to check with your local WCB board to find out.

Watch the time limits on appeals, some impose strict time limits.

WCB Tribunal

Some WCBs have Provincial or State administrative tribunals, which act in place of courts.  

​I have placed information based on Country, then Province or State below

I am starting with my home province of Ontario and country of Canada.

The majority of the information can be applied in most countries, provinces and states. Eventually though,

I will have specific information for each and every WCB in Canada,

United Sates, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and other similar common law jurisdictions. 


To find information on how to fight your respective WCB within the WCB system, first select your respective Country, then select your respective Province/State.

(if you can not click on the country, province, or state, that means the information has not been setup as yet, but check back regularly as I am updating information on a daily basis.)

                    Learn How to Fight the WCBs in Canada

                    Learn how to fight the WCBs in the United States of America


                     Learn how to fight the WCBs in the United Kingdom of Great Britain

                     Learn how to fight the WCBs in Australia

                     Learn how to fight the WCBs in New Zealand

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In providing you the information in fighting your respective WCB, I have assimilated information from many resources. These include but are not limited to: legal textbooks, research papers, websites, and many others. I never want to take credit for any information and have no reservation about giving full credit where it is due. If ever I have missed a source credit please let me know through the contact page as that is not my intent for this website. My intent is not to profit from the information, I am only trying to help people like myself learn how to fight their WCB. At the bottom of each section I will list specific credited information as to where I obtained the knowledge from. I apologize in advance if it is not in an exact scholarly format, as my goal is to allow the reader to find the information I used.