Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB


Fight the WCB with the Human Rights Tribunal:

In many jurisdictions they have a separate Tribunal for people to file Human Rights complaints. These are complaints that violate a person's human rights, which are in violation to Provincial/State laws. This shows you how to file a human rights complaint if the WCB and/or your employer has violated your rights. Especially in refusing to accommodate your disabilities!

Fight WCB With FOIR:

Fighting WCB with Freedom of Information Request: ​This is where you can learn to obtain information about you, that is retained by the WCB. You can then have that information corrected if it is incorrect.

Fight WCB Doctors:

Fight the WCB doctors:​ Often times, the WCB uses doctors for consultation in reviewing reports or to perform medical examinations. On occasion these doctors favor the WCB in rendering their opinions, diagnosis and prognosis.

Fight WCB with Public Appeal:

Fight WCB with the use of Public Appeal: In this section you learn how important it is to get your story out to help the cause of all victims of workplace accidents. 


Fighting Your WCB

There are many different ways you can fight your respective WCB.

I have started to provide information for each way.

While there is many ways for you to fight, for your rights when dealing with your WCB,

probably the best is telling your story! 

Put your story in a video and share it on YouTube like others have done.

Check out the Tell Your Story page.

Fight the WCB within the WCB System:

Learn how to fight the WCB within the WCB System. Including learning how to file WCB appeals and appeals to WCB Tribunals.

  Criminal Court:

Fight your WCB using the Criminal Court System.
This shows you how to file criminal charges against the WCB, if they have violated the Criminal Code of Canada, when administering your claim.

     Judicial Review:

Fight your WCB, with a Judicial Review.
In many jurisdictions the court can judicially review lower courts and administrative tribunal decisions especially when the decisions are patently unreasonable.
This shows you how to file a judicial review with the courts.

     Civil Court:

Fight WCB using the Civil Court System.

In simple terms, this is where I show you how to sue your WCB, if they have acted with an intentionally deceptive behavior, commonly referred to as "acting in bad faith" towards you, when administering your claim.

FIGHT WCB using the Courts:

Learn How to fight your WCB using Canada's Various Court system

Fight WCB Constitutionally:

Fight your WCB with a Constitutional challenge. This can be done in one of two ways.

​1. If their actions violate your constitutionally protected rights (normally the Charter of Rights & Freedoms).

2. If the law empowering the WCB violates the Constitution, normally the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, or sections of it.

Some jurisdictions allow the Tribunals to rule on Constitutional matters, but for example in Ontario even though the Tribunal (WSIAT) ruled a section of the WCB law was invalid the WSIB (Ontario's WCB) is refusing to acknowledge the decision. ​This is why I believe it has to be done in Court as the Judges of Canada are the true guardians of the Constitution.