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The following are links to websites specifically for First Responders:

[BC] You Are Not Alone PTSD BC

Provides information about PTSD in BC.


[Can] Tema.ca

We help those who spend their lives helping you. The men and women of our emergency, public safety, and military services see tragic events every day.  They witness human suffering up close and it sometimes becomes very difficult to cope with the aftermath. The aftermath sometimes means that they will suffer with lasting memories that just won't go away. Recalling the smells, remembering the sounds and reliving the witnessed events sometimes haunt these men and women for life. Through research, education, training, and through the provision of peer and psychological support, we aim to help these men and women when they need it most.

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust​

18 Doctors Lane, P.O. Box 265
King City, Ontario  L7B 1A0
Toll Free: 1-888-288-8036
Facimile: 905-893-1574

First Responder Tool Kit


[Can] First Responders First

This website offers resources and services for the First Responder community to understand the various steps of a PTSD program from managing a crisis through to implementing best practices into an existing program.


[Can] Professional Firefighters Association of Ontario

The Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association represents 80 Locals representing over 11,000 professional fire fighters. The Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA) is affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters  (IAFF).

Professional Firefighters Association of Ontario


292 Plains Road East
Burlington, Ont.

Tel: (905) 681-7111

Fax: (905) 681-1489

[Can] Volunteer Firefighters Association of Ontario

We have a proud history that dates back to August 29, 1899, when the inaugural meeting of The Volunteer Fireman’s Association of Ontario was held in Toronto, Ontario. This was the beginning of our association.


[Can] Police Association of Ontario

Founded in 1933, the Police Association of Ontario (PAO) is the official voice and representative body for Ontario's front-line police personnel

Police Association of Ontario


Phone: 416-487-9367
Fax: 416-487-3170
Email: pao@pao.ca
1650 Yonge Street, Suite 302
Toronto, ON
M4T 2A2

[Can]  Ontario Paramedic Association

Early in 1995, a steering committee of Paramedics began the ambitious task of creating a legal and administrative structure for the Ontario Paramedic Association. This professional association is a registered 'not for profit' organization representing Paramedics across the province. We are not a labour union and membership is always a choice.

Ontario Paramedic Association


PO BOX 1628
Blind River, Ontario
P0R 1B0

[U.S.} Violently Injured Police Officers:


PO Box 48
Woburn, MA 01807

Detective Mario Oliveira

[U.S.] PTSD Alliance

Provides considerable information about PTSD

Tel: 888-436-6306

[U.S.] Injured Police Officer's Fund

Injured Police Officers Fund is to help reduce the financial burden suffered by Police Officers and their families in the event of a line of duty injury or death by providing monetary assistance to these Officers and their families.

Injured Police Officers Fund

9330 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 130
Las Vegas, NV 89134
702.309.2278 fax
Email: info@ipof.vegas

[U.S.] Minnesota Association For Injured Peace Officers

To provide information and recommendations on available resources and benefits to injured officers and their families. We also help to alleviate other burdens during their time of crisis.

Minnesota Association for Injured Peace Officers

614 Aqua Circle
Lino Lakes, MN 55014


Tel: 651-295-6232

[U.K.] IODPA – Injury On Duty Pensioners Association

We are a community of former police officers all medically retired with an injury on duty award (IOD).  This site provides the reader with a wealth of experience, knowledge and information collated by those living with an injury pension.

IODPA – Injury On Duty Pensioners Association



First Responders

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These are the people who are running into fires while everyone else is running the other way. These are the people who when a persons safety is at risk the arrive to help.

These are the people who are able to render desperately needed medical care on the scene to stabilize a person before they get them to the hospital.

These are our soldiers of society, they keep us all safe!

Sadly at times they see the worst of society and somehow they still manage to perform their duties, but when they fall, they should be always regarded as heroes!  

This page has been setup to specifically help first responders who have been hurt to assist them to fight with their respective WCBs!