Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB

This page including government and non government organizations that provide free representation services for injured workers and their families.

​The problem with these services is that in most cases they have very limited resources, so an injured worker and their family have to first convince them their case as a chance of wining.

​It sucks! however doing some homework, before you approach these organizations for help, may go along way.

​Also remember you may have time limits for appeals,

be mindful of this and file with or without representation.

Union Representation

(For members of a union)

Legal Aid

(For low income individuals

most victims of workplace accidents)

Pro bono Law

(For low income individuals
most victims of workplace accidents)

Office of Worker Advisors

(For any victims of workplace Accidents)

Political Representatives

(For any person who lives in a elected person's designated riding

sometimes they will help people from other

ridings who are represented by opposing parties, in order

to embarrass the elected person and their party. 

Non Government Organizations - NGOs

(For any victim of a workplace accident,

but generally NGOs act as intervenors, as they have very limited resources!)

Represented by a Friend, or Represent a Friend

(This is something where you have a considerable amount of knowledge

and wish to help a friend or a family member and represent them,

or conversely if you have a friend or family member,

who is knowledgeable enough to represent you.) 

Represent Yourself

(This is self explanatory, if you have the knowledge,

or ability to learn the knowledge to represent yourself.)

Free Representation


Injured Workers & Their Families