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Information about United Kingdom of Great Britain:

Countries: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland 
Geographical Location: West of France, Netherlands, Belgium; East of Ireland
Population: 66 million
Capital: London

Political Regime: Constitutional monarchy

Interesting Facts:​ Big Ben does not refer to the famous clock, but actually to the bell, The London subway, or the “Tube,” is one of the oldest in the world, Loch Ness is the largest body of fresh water in the United Kingdom. It is even deeper than the North Sea.  

Information About WCBs in the

United Kingdom

of Great Britain  

Information about Britain's Workers Compensation:

History of Workers Compensation in UK/Britain:

Britain was probably one of the first countries to introduce workers compensation legislation, which was geared towards financially protecting workers when they are injured at work. The first workers compensation law in Britain was in 1897. The workers compensation law of 1897 replaced the 'Employers' Liability Act' of 1880. The compensation law of 1867 required the injured worker the right to sue the employer and put the burden of proof on the employee. The workers compensation act was then amended in 1906 to included workplace diseases.