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Shortly after receiving the decision of his Honour Justice Price I filed a Notice of Appeal with the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

You can see the pdf copy of my Notice of Appeal and my Certificate of evidence which are both required in order to file a appeal with the Court of Appeal for Ontario.  

Appeal Court Date Scheduling:

After I had served and filed all the appeal documents, I had asked the court clerk, if she knew roughly when I would hear of a court hearing date. She told me the appeal will be heard by the Ontario Court of Appeal within six months of perfecting the appeal. I said to her three times "pardon"! I told her to get to the WSIB appeal hearing took over two years. I had to wait six months for a decision. Then to get to the WSIAT appeal level took me ten years and took them took them seven months to issue a written decision. It then took another five years for a reconsideration decision. I was at the point of tears, the last point I was at the point of tears, was when I was a little boy and caught myself in my pants zipper.  

My Court Filings:

My First Appeal to

the Court of Appeal for Ontario

December 18, 2017

Notice of Appeal

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This was my first appeal to the Court of Appeal for Ontario. In this appeal I was appeal the Honourable Justice D. Price's decision which was to dismiss my claim (civil lawsuit) against the WSIB (Ontario WCB) and the WSIAT (Ontario WCT). 

The following are the documents I filed in support of my appeal tot he Court of Appeal for Ontario.

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