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My Story

My Dealings with My Civil Lawsuit Against the WSIB and the WSIAT

This is the story of my civil lawsuit against the WSIB and the WSIAT.

My story is not finished yet as the matter is presently before the Supreme Court of Canada.
If I win the appeal the matter may go back to civil court for a trial.

​Civil Court is where parties can bring actions against others. In the case of the WSIB and the WSIAT it is similar to bring an action against the government as they are divisions of a ministry, which is the Ministry of Labour.

​In Common-law countries such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and many more. These countries rely on what is refer to is "Tort Law". The difficult thing is the Tort law is not a written law, unlike French Canada's Civil code or France's civil code. In Tort Law it is established by the courts through practice.

​There are many Torts, which I will explain each and its requirements, but in cases of individuals of public office as well as the public office the most common one used is
​Tort of Public Misfeasance.

Up until I learned about this tort, as well as much more legal stuff,  I was led to believe by both the WSIB and the WSIAT that the WSIB & the WSIAT and my employer could NEVER be sued under any circumstances.

This as I will eventually explain in detail is a intentional and deliberate act of deception by the WSIB & the WSIAT!