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My name is Paul Taylor I live in the province of Ontario within the country of Canada. I am an injured worker and this is my story about my workplace accidents & injuries, as well as my dealings with my employer and the WCB, which is now called the WSIB.

​I am telling my story not to elicit sympathy,
but to encourage others to fight their respective WCBs,
and more importantly to come forward and tell their story!

In my story, I have no reservation about naming names of individuals and naming companies, especially those that have done intentional and deliberate wrongs to me and more important to my family. I was very reluctant in the past about doing this, but then in dealing with the court process it is almost mandated that names be named. It is also needed to oust the wrongdoers!

However, if your name is here and you wish it to be removed, then you may contact me using my contact page with an explanation and I may consider removing it.

I apologize in advance for any harm this may cause people and companies,
but the truth MUST prevail!

 As my story of my dealings with my employer, and the WCB/WSIB encompasses almost ten years, I have broken it down into sub sections for easier referencing.

My Story

My Dealings with

the Ontario WCB and

My Employer 

Prior to Work Accident and Injuries of February 1997

Severe Accident and Work Injuries of February 1997

My Dealings with My Employer and the New WSIB (Ontario WCB) for 1998

Dealings with My Employer and the WSIB (Ontario WCB) for 1999

Dealings with the WSIB (Ontario WCB) for 2000​​

As this Christmas season approaches, many injured workers will be left out in the cold feeling alone, with the thoughts of giving up.

I beg you please don't give up as changes are coming

and I will help you FIGHTWCB!  

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view forms, if you don't have it click here to download a free copy.

You may also need to disable your pop-up blocker in your browser as downloaded documents appear in a new window.

I was hoping to have the "My Story" section of my website at least completed before I attended my appeal at the Court of Appeal for Ontario. I wanted to have the judge's decision and more importantly the audio recording I have where the panel members of the WSIAT (Ontario's Workers Compensation Tribunal)  can be heard saying:

I was a fucking joke,

I deserved to have my ass kicked for not working supporting my family, and

I am faking as all injured workers are faking,

as well as many more interesting personal opinions!

Unfortunately, with Christmas fast approaching I have had little time to do what I wanted,

but do not fear IT WILL BE DONE!

As the new year arrives, so will a new and improved and even more helpful FightWcb website!