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Open Letter to Chief Justices of Ontario:

In response to both Court of Appeal Decisions against me as a Self Represented, Injured Worker, with numerous physical and psychological disabilities I drafted a letter to the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal, His Honour Chief Justice George Strathy and the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice her Honour Madam Justice Heather Smith. ​​

My Story

My Appeals with

the Court of Appeal for Ontario

The letter was sent to Osgoode Hall, so I am not even sure if it will be received by the Chief Justices.

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I also sent a copy of the letter to the parties who have a direct interest in the matters such as: Counsel for the WSIB & WSIAT, my MP, my MPP, the Canadian Judicial Council, the Law Society of Ontario, and the Network of Injured Workers Groups of Ontario - ONIWG.

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This is my story of my appeal to the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

​The Court of Appeal for Ontario

is the highest court in Ontario, the next court is

the Supreme Court of Canada.