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This is my story of what happened when I appealed the WSIB decisions to the WSIAT.

In Ontario, all appeals of the WCB were heard by the Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal. Then on January 1, this became the Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal - WSIAT.

​When you have an oral hearing you either have a one panel or a three panel hearing. the one paneled hearing is what is called the vice chair. In a three paneled hearing, it consists of a vice-chair and two others. one is a representative of employers and the other is a representative of workers.

​My matters were heard by a three membered panel.

First Appeal at WSIAT:

​There was an issue with the release of my private medical information. I was concerned the employer would abuse their position and violate privacy. My concern was the employer was telling their customers where I was sent to work about my workers compensation matters including how much I receive when I won any appeals. This was completely irrelevant and met the employer would provide my medical information to any they saw fit would advance their cause in the appeal process. 

This matter went very quickly before the WSIAT. The WSIAT decided that the information would be released against my objections and they would send a cautionary letter tot he employer, which I never saw.  

Second appeal at WSIAT (January 2007):


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