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​My Application for

Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

As I lost my appeal to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, my next step is to appeal to
the Supreme Court in Canada - SCC, which is the highest court in Canada.

In order to appeal in most cases one has to ask permission of the court to appeal first. This is an extremely difficult process. It is very rare to have your appeal heard by the SCC. For example in a year the SCC receives more than 600 applications, but only accepts 80 on average.

The court mainly deals with matters that are:

"of public importance, or

of such a nature or significance as to a warrant decision by the Court.

It is not enough for you to think the Court of Appeal is wrong to have your case heard by the Supreme Court.  Matters that the Court hears generally transcend the interests of the immediate parties and do not turn only on the facts of the case.  For example, in many of the cases that come before it, the Court must determine the legal meaning of a provision of a statute, and its decision is likely to have an impact on society as a whole." 
(quoted directly from the SCC website)

As you can see an appeal to the SCC is not a typical appeal in that one must first convince the court your appeal is as mentioned above of public importance.

As I am progressing through the courts, faster than I can maintain the updates to this website I will try my best to update this information in a hope to help other injured workers with their fight.

When I have completed my application I will post it here.