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Paralegals are similar to lawyers in that they went to school to study law and are licensed by the law society. However they have gone to college for between one and two years. So their education in comparison to lawyers is considerably. However they are specialized in dealing with matters in administratively law such as workers compensation decisions and appeals. The importance is that they are generally more cost effective than lawyers and have been licensed in some jurisdictions to practice law.

It is always best to check with your local law society to confirm they do licscence paralegals, as well as to ensure the paralegal you choose is licensed.

As the same with Lawyers, I will provide a list of Paralegals who specialize or claim to specialize in workers compensation law. If you are a paralegal and would like to be listed or if you know of a paralegal who specializes in workers compensation law. Please send me their contact details and I will add them here.

Again please note these are NOT my recommendations, just a list of paralegals and their specialization. It is always best to check with the local law society to ensure they are in fact licensed.


Are licscence by  law society. They have graduated form University and attended Law school, after which they have written the certification exam which is held by the law society.  Lawyers can be very expensive, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Also one needs to be mindful that you don't bring a bazooka to a gunfight. In other words be careful of overkill as you will be paying the bill for the lawyer.

​I will be providing a list of lawyers in jurisdictions that handle or specialize in Workers compensation cases.

It is always best to check with the local law society to ensure they are lawyers and their specialization.

These are NOT my recommendations, just a list of lawyers who specialize or claim to specialize.

If you are a lawyer and would like your name added or know of a good layer who specializes in Workers compensation send me their contact details and I will add them here.

Paid Representation For Injured Workers and their Families

Paid representatives are people that represent injured workers in the WCB decision making process as well as the appeal process in the WCB and outside in the tribunal and/or courts.

There are basically two types of paid representation for injured workers depending on where you reside, which are ​Lawyers ​and  Paralegals.

​Even though in common-law jurisdictions it is the rule of law that the winner in a case should not pay their court costs (what they paid their lawyer and fees to the court). This is not always the case when dealing with workers compensation cases.

For example, in Ontario if a person pays for representation in a workers compensation appeal,

they are not reimbursed for their legal costs, for now, the law may change!

It is best to ask the lawyer and/or paralegal when speaking to them.

​whether you decide to see a lawyer, a paralegal, or other always make sure you visit them with a tone of questions the more questions and answers you have the better you can make an informed decision as to whether to hire them to represent them.