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Political Representation

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​The judiciary enforce the laws that are created by the legislature, but more importantly the judiciary keeps the checks and balances in place. By this it is meant that the judiciary keeps the government from making laws that are unconstitutional and performing unconstitutional acts.


Political Representation:

As previously mentioned, political representatives are elected. As such one of their duties is ensuring they represent their local ridings. One way they do this is by addressing concerns of local residents. This is why it is really important that if you are having a difficult time with your WCB you let your MP and MPP know. Sometimes the more noise you make on your cases draws attention and as a result things start moving along. in MPP's offices they generally have one specific person who handles WCB issues. The most MPPs do is contact the WCB on your behalf  and express concern.

Remember MPs & MPPs have limited time, so when writing or talking to your MP or MPP always always keep it simple and get to the point right away - Be brief - practice what you are going to say, and if you are writing them make it less than half of a page. This is where more is less! leave them wondering get them wanting to know more in order to help you!   


In every common-law country the Federal Provincial/State  governments are made of three separate and distinct bodies: the legislature,  the executive,  and the judiciary.


The legislature is the body of government that creates and votes on the passing of laws. The legislatures have locally elected representatives. There are several levels of government which all have representatives.

For example in Canada there is:

Members of Parliament - MPs, who are part of the federal legislature

Members of Provincial Parliament - MPPs, who are part of the provincial parliament


​The executive is the branch of government that acts on the laws that have been enacted by the legislature. ​In Canada there is what commonly referred to as a fusion of power, where the executive and the legislature is one and the same. This means that the Prime Minister and all the rest of the executive are members of the legislature. However, in the United Sates they have what is referred to as a separation of powers, where the President and the executive are not members of the legislature.