Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB


Representation is an extremely important matter, especially for those injured at work.

It is sad but it is true to say that those with money are the ones in society who have the rights best protected, why because they can afford the best lawyers.

To drive home the importance of representation for injured workers I often say if an injured workers was a lawyer do you think they would be treated so badly by the employer, by the WCB - Hell No!

​This proves the point of how WCBs and especially employers exploit injured workers lack of legal expertise and knowledge.


To help people fight their respective WCBs I have setup this additional page for people to get information about representatives both free and paid,

as well as tips on self-representation.

I do not in anyway endorse any of them just to say they offer the service.

If you know of a representative that specializes in WCB cases

please use the Contact page

and let me know and I will add their contact information here.

There are three simple types of representation:

Paid Representation

Free Representation

Self Representation