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[2017] Report and Recommendations of the AlbertaWorkers CompensationBoard Review Panel

The Government of Alberta established the Panel to review Alberta’s workers’ compensation system including the Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta (the “WCB”); the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation (the “Appeals Commission”); and the Medical Panel Office the Alberta Workers Compensation Board about the Board in considering revisions to the existing system. The report is the results of the panel's findings and recommendations.

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Pepso Reports:

Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO)

This is  a research program that is conducted with the United Way and the Department of Social Sciences at McMaster University.

The research focuses on the impact of precarious employment in Southern Ontario. Precarious employment is working for temporary agencies or working in a place where you are completely unsure if you are working the next day. This has been heavily utilized by business in Canada especially for Union busting. this is where employers out source the workforce to another company, usually temporary agencies so workers have no rights or any decent pay. This is so business can reduce costs. This however all comes at a very high price to society, which is explained in great detail in this very extensive and very informative research reports.

[2013]​ It's More than Poverty: Employment Precarity and Household Well-being:
Published in 2013, It’s More than Poverty discusses the social consequences of Canada’s polarizing income distribution by examining the effects of precarious employment on household well-being.

Download a summary of the report here

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[2015] The Precarity Penalty:

Published in 2015, The Precarity Penalty reveals the challenges that many people in precarious employment find with moving into better opportunities, and offers practical solutions for pathways to more stable and secure employment.  

Download a summary of the report here

Download the complete report here

Download a copy of the York Region Report here

[2017] Precarious Employment: Causes, Consequences and Remedies:

Forthcoming in 2017, this edited collection introduces and explores the causes and consequences of precarious employment in Canada and across the world.

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What does degeneration mean? The use and abuse of an ambiguous word

An Medical Article published in May 2011 in the New Zealand Medical Journal

Written by; Richard Wigley, Christopher Walls, David Brougham, Peter Dixon

​If you or someone you know has worked in a heavy physical work environment and have been denied or had their benefits reduced because the WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe has falsely claimed their DDD was age related this will definitely help! 

​The use of the word degeneration, particularly in the compensation arena, is not recommended. It is imprecise and is interpreted in different ways by radiologists, clinicians and insurers. Insurers use the word to conclude that any so called degenerative changes mean that there is age causation so that compensation can be denied. These changes can be caused by single or multiple injuries continuing heavy work and other causes. Each risk factor should be carefully assessed in each case.

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​Thank you to David Newbury of IWC for providing me this report to combat WCB corruption with false claimed pre-existing conditions.

All to often as injured workers, or victims of workplace accidents

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These scientific reports show a considerably different story!

Unlike the WCB, employers, or whomever

the majority of these reports were conducted 

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