Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

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Tell Your Story

To encourage others to tell their story, I have decided to tell MY STORY, but I have done so in great detail and with backup documentation. I do not expect such detail from others, in fact it maybe better to keep it simplified and stick to the actual problems! However the choice is yours!


Another way to fight your WCB is to get injured worker's stories out there.

All too often organizations like WCBs employers and government bodies have played on the idea that people don't tell their stories, therefore the injustices do not happen!

​This page has been setup for those victims of workplace accidents that have made a video story of their problems with their WCB and want people to know about it

​So Please Tell Your Story whether in written form or in video!

​If you would like your video story or written story posted on this, either send me the YouTube video link or the written story using the Fightwcb contact page

Thank you!