Learn How to Fight your Workers Compensation Board

Fight WCB

Injured worker speaks out against the WSIB action against a injured worker court action.

Part of occupy WSIB movement

This video was prepared by CUPE full credit goes to them. In the video Mentions Steve Mantis who is a main advocate for injured workers.

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Injured worker videos his mandatory medical examination. Interesting idea!

These next set of videos are not so much stories , but focus more on how to's!

A video explaining about giving a deposition for a workers compensation case in California.


Tell Your Story!

Injured worker shares his story about return to work and how he suffered more injuries and suffering as a result

This worker, he never mentioned his name, is having a typical hard time with the WSIB. He states they make medical decisions with no medical training. The next one he mentions is being forced to take medication for the pain.

Another sad story about an injured worker pushed to the brink of utter frustration.

Injured worker rally in Downtown speaks out about her claim and the frustration of how long one has to wait for appeal.

This video was prepared by victim of workplace accident. about dealing with Doctors and Saskatchewan WCB.

Lawyer talks about how to sue outside of the WSIB. Especially if you are not working for a schedule I or schedule II employer.

Injured worker shares conversations he had with the WSIB.

This is nice video of injured worker day held June 1st 2017, which is held every year in Toronto Ontario. It is really good because you get to hear some of the stories from injured workers.

Excellent editing!

Victims of workplace accidents

shall suffer in silence no more!

This worker, is attempting to educate members of the public about the severe cuts at the WSIB - Ontario workers compensation board. really good video for explaining things!

This video explaining the WCB system in Tennessee. In is interesting to know and learn. 

Injured worker speaks out about her claim and the frustration of how long one has to wait for appeal.

This video was prepared by Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups - ONIWG www.injuredworkersonline.org . It is about an injured worker who is dying and denied benefits. It shows the clear lack of humanity of the WSIB.

This is David Lawson he filed a claim against the WSIB (Ontario WCB) and recently won his case. Hear his story!

Another way to fight your WCB is to get injured worker's stories out there.

All too often organizations like WCBs employers and government bodies have played on the idea that people don't tell their stories, therefore the injustices do not happen!

​This page has been setup for those victims of workplace accidents that have made a video story of their problems with their WCB and want people to know about it


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This is a video of a injured worker support group. They are extremely importnat for injured workers, but due to Government funded limitatiosn they are limited.

If you wnat to know where a local support group is check the support group page.

A very true and dramatic story of an injured worker and what happens when the system of WSIB gets greedy!

Injured worker interviewed by Occupy WSIB in London Ontario.

Been waiting 5 years for appeal because he can't afford a lawyer. Says most injured workers afraid to speak out due to retaliation!

This injured worker after being shot in a robbery and in fear of his families life and his life speaks out about his nightmare of dealing with WSIB in a four part series.

He also speaks about unfunded liability!