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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2017 - WCB News Stories

[​ON] Tribunal slams WSIB practice that cuts benefits to injured migrant workers
Compensation board slashed benefits for illiterate migrant worker in Jamaica arguing he could work as a cashier in Ontario — even though he was no longer legally entitled to be in the country.

  • Toronto Star
  • by Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

          Oct. 5, 2017

[NS] Injured worker gets back pay, apology after WCB ignores ruling

Kevin Coward, 63, waited almost 10 months for the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia to enact a favourable ruling in his case

  • CBC News
  • by Yvonne Colbert

          July 23, 2017

[​ON] Former CK Man Scores Huge Victory Against WSIB

David Lawson, who now lives in Leamington, has won a major Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision against the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

  • Blackburn News
  • by Paul Pedro

          July 19, 2017

[ON] Lawsuit takes on WSIB for rejecting 'chronic mental stress' claims

Ontario has long denied compensation for workplace mental stress despite rulings it was unconstitutional. A new court case will try to overturn Ontario's denial of compensation for workers whose jobs caused them ongoing mental stress. 

  • CBC News -
  • ​by Mike Crawley, Nicole Brockbank

          July 5, 2017

[ON] Why a family of 6 in Oakville is living on $36K a year
The WSIB refused to compensate Steve Rescan, 40, after back issues forced him to stop working

  • ​CBC News - Toronto
  • by Lisa Xing

         March 22, 2017

[BC] WorkSafe B.C. blames PTSD for Surrey firefighter's suicide two years after hit and run

Ruling qualifies firefighter's widow to receive more than $3,000 a month in survivor's benefits

  • ​CBC News - BC
  • by Belle Puri

         March 6, 2017

[ON] Class action against WSIB claiming unfair benefit cuts given go-ahead

Lawsuit could potentially impact hundreds of workers allegedly denied “full extent of benefits to which they were entitled.

  • ​Toronto Star
  • by Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

         February 14, 2017

[BC] WorkSafeBC takes over investigation into fatal accident in Parksville

WorkSafeBC is now leading the investigation into the death of a man in a workplace accident in Parksville Thursday

  • ​NanaimoNewsNOW
  • by NanaimoNewsNOW Staff

         February 3, 2017

[NB] Excuses for missed hearings by WorkSafe boss don't sit well with tribunal chair
Excuses for missed hearings by [New Brunswick] WorkSafe boss don't sit well with tribunal chair

  • ​CBC News New Brunswick
  • by Jacques Poitras

         January 24, 2017

[CA] B.C. MP, first responders call for national strategy on PTSD

Former firefighter Norman Traversy, standing at a firefighters memorial in Ottawa, is supporting a private member's bill that would create a national framework to track post-traumatic stress disorder. (The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld)

  • ​CBC News
  • by Laura Kane - Canadian Press

         January 22, 2017

[BC] Traumatized paramedic wins PTSD appeal
Earlier WorkSafe B.C. rejections experienced by Lisa Jennings led to severe financial distress that, at one point, had her living in her car. Jennings cried tears of happiness and relief Tuesday after learning that WorkSafe B.C.’s appeal tribunal has taken her side in a longstanding fight for compensation.

  • ​The Times Colonist
  • by Katherine Dedyna

         January 18, 2017

[ON] Ontario eyes stronger protections for workers who get sick on the job
Province [of Ontario] gearing up to have dedicated occupational disease response team in place by year end.

  • ​The Toronto Star
  • by Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

         January 16, 2017

[PEI] Nursing home worker frustrated his WCB compensation has been stopped
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A 66-year-old residential care worker, who was injured on the job, feels slighted by having his worker compensation payments stopped.

  • ​The Guardian
  • by Jim Day

         January 14, 2017

[BC] Change policies on PTSD

Re: “Suicides proof WorkSafe is failing first responders: critic,” Jan. 3; “Take closer look at PTSD help,” editorial, Jan. 4.

  • ​The Times Colonist
  • by Patrick Wolfe

         January 14, 2017

[ON] Ontario migrant worker wins $20,000 in human rights case

The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has awarded money to a Tunisian welder who complained he was let go after a workplace accident.

  • ​The Toronto Star
  • by Nicholas Keung - Immigration reporter

         January 13, 2017

[BC] Former White Rock mayoral candidate fights WCB ban
A WOMAN aged in her 60s has been injured in a workplace accident at a Gippsland horticulture farm already facing workplace safety charges and at the centre of allegations of mistreating migrant workers.

  • ​The Peach Arch News
  • By Tracy Holmes

         January 12, 2017

[Australia] WorkSafe Victoria investigating accident at Covino Farms

A WOMAN aged in her 60s has been injured in a workplace accident at a Gippsland horticulture farm already facing workplace safety charges and at the centre of allegations of mistreating migrant workers.

  • ​The Weekly Times
  • By Unkown

         January 10, 2017

[Australia] WorkSafe describes 2016 as a 'horror year' for Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria has described 2016 as a "horror year" for workplace deaths, calling for more to be done in 2017 to prioritise safety.

  • 3AW 693Newstalk
  • By Ashleigh Gardner 

         January 9, 2017

[ON]Doctors frustrated workers’ compensation boards seem to ignore medical opinions, report says

They are the first port of call for workers hurt on the job. But when decisions are made about accident victims with complex injuries, a new study suggests doctors feel sidelined by workers’ compensation boards.

  • ​The Toronto Star
  • By Sara MojtehedzadehWork and Wealth reporter 

         January 9, 2017

[BC]WorkSafe B.C. takes mental-health issues seriously

Re: “Take closer look at PTSD help,” editorial, Jan. 4.

  • ​The Times Colonist
  • By Scott McCloy Director, Community Relations WorkSafeBC

         January 8, 2017

[SK] Saskatchewan now presuming psychological injuries work-related

First province to enact legislation that covers other forms of psychological injury, not just PTSD

  • ​The Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine
  • By Unknown

         January 6, 2017

[BC]Editorial: Take closer look at PTSD support for first responders

A worker who sustains a physical injury on the job has something concrete to help prove the injury is work-related. Damage to mental health is less obvious, and the link to employment is harder to prove, but those unseen wounds can last longer and be more damaging than broken bones and lacerations.

  • ​The Times Colonist
  • By Editor Times Colonist

         January 4, 2017

[BC]Air Canada employee files lawsuit over scary incident aboard flight from Tokyo to Vancouver

An Air Canada employee has filed a lawsuit against the airline and the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal over a scary incident aboard a May 2012 flight from Tokyo to Vancouver.

  • ​The Vancouver Sun
  • By Keith Fraser

         January 4, 2017

2016 - WCB News Stories

[BC] Rise in first-responder suicides leads to calls for better WorkSafe BC coverage

On Christmas Eve, Lisa Jennings received word of another suicide. She waited until Boxing Day to update the grim tally she keeps on a website devoted to first responders struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Then, with a quick keystroke, 18 suicides in 2016 became 19.

  • ​Vancouver Sun
  • By Glenda Luymes

         December 31, 2016

[ON] Miner registry still seeking participants exposed to McIntyre Powder

Janice Martell, founder of the McIntyre Powder Project, said early numbers from a registry of hard-rock miners show a higher incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in miners who were exposed to aluminum powder than in the general population.

  • ​
  • By Lindsay Kelly

         December 30, 2016

[ON] Workplace safety issue decades old
Thank you to Sara Mojtehedzadeh and the Star for yet again focusing attention to the unsafe working conditions faced by Ontario’s workers.

  • ​The Toronto Star
  • By Don Dorward - Reader

         December 27, 2016

[Australia] Worksafe charges Government with failing to provide safe workplace during Ravenhall prison riot
Injured workers protest corrupt WSIB cutbacks.

  • ​ABC News
  • By Unknown

         December 22, 2016

​[ON] Frustrated injured workers take their message to the steps of the WSIB
Injured workers protest corrupt WSIB cutbacks.

  • ​The Manitoulin Expositor
  • By Expositor Staff 

         Fri., Dec. 16, 2016

[ON] 4,441 Individuals and/or Families are forced on to Ontario Works and ODSP every month!

4,441 Individuals and/or Families are forced on to Ontario Works and ODSP every month, as a result of intentional delays by the WSIB to injured workers!

  • ​
  • By Paul Taylor

         Fri., Dec. 16, 2016

[ON] WSIB: Working for Injured Workers?
Toronto, On - More than 100 years ago, the forerunner of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board was set up to support workers injured on the job. Today, the WSIB and the laws protecting injured workers have evolved. There's also greater understanding of what keeps a worker off the job, whether it's physical injury or emotional stress. The Agenda explores the role of the WSIB in workplaces today.

  • The Agenda - TVO
  • By Steve Paiken

         Sat., Dec. 14, 2016

[ON] Injured workers want inquiry into WSIB

THUNDER BAY - Injured worker advocates across the province are calling on the Ontario government to launch an inquiry into the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

  • The newswatch
  • By 

         Fri., Dec. 13, 2016

[ON] Workplace fatalities reach 5-year high while WSIB pays millions

Workplace fatalities reach 5-year high while WSIB pays millions to convicted companies and meager benefits to victims: Monday protest to demand justice

  • ​The OFL
  • by Steve Staples

         Mon., Dec. 5, 2016

​[ON] Revive emergency crews’ PTSD care, top Tory says

Ontario Opposition Leader Patrick Brown is demanding the government reinstate a program at London Health Sciences Centre to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • ​The London Free Press
  • by John Miner

         Mon., Dec. 5, 2016

[ON] Injured workers want inquiry into WSIB

Advocates for injured workers say lack of support placing burden on the taxpayer.

  • ​The Newswatch
  • By Doug Diaczuk

         Wed., Dec. 13, 2016

{NS} Why It’s Still Too Easy to Kill an Employee

Labour’s long fight to hold reckless owners responsible for deadly work conditions. First of six parts.

  • ​
  • By Tom Sandborn

          November 28, 2016

WSIB mulls reform to rules that deny compensation to some mentally ill workers

Critics say Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has power to enact change immediately.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

          Fri., Nov. 25, 2016

WSIB is bound by law

Re: Mentally ill being denied WSIB benefits, province told, Nov. 14

  • Toronto Star
  • Comment by: Brian Jarvis, Chief Operating Officer, WSIB

          Thur., Nov. 17, 2016

[SK] NDP bring up length of time for Saskatchewan workers compensation appeals

Opposition NDP claims turnaround times for Saskatchewan workers compensation initial payments among longest in the country.

  • Global News
  • By Staff, The Canadian Press

          November 16, 2016

[ON] Ombudsman asked to probe WSIB treatment of mentally ill

Complaint from group of legal experts says workers with chronic mental stress injuries face systematic discrimination.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

          Mon., Nov. 14, 2016

Alberta WCB review midway report: frustrating system needs improvement

An update on the ongoing review into the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board found people appreciate that it exists, but there is big room for improvement in a system described by some as “disrespectful” and “dehumanizing"

  • Global News
  • By Karen Bartko

         November 10, 2016

​​​​​​WSIB (Ontario) on a claims-denial binge as they transfer $285 million into their investment fund
The WSIB is stashing away hundreds of millions of dollars by denying claims at a stupendous rate.

  • ​The Canadian Contractor
  • By Alec Caldwell

         Wed., Nov. 9, 2016

Injured worker 'broken down' by 10-year battle with WSIB

Backlog adding 3-4 year wait to independent appeal process, says WSIB president

  • CBC News Ottawa
  • Ashley Burke

          November 3, 2016

Injured ​​workers confront WSIB

A chance to hear directly from the President of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Tom Teahan.

  • CBC Radio
  • Ontario Today with Rita Celli

​​          November 2, 2016

WSIB gives corporations millions while doctors, injured workers outraged

Despite growing public attention surrounding the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board's (WSIB) treatment of workers who get injured on the job, the WSIB announced Friday that they will further reduce employers' premium rates that fund the system.

  • Catherine Fenech

          October 31, 2016

WSIB's 'devastating' compensation policy all about board's bottom line, lawyers charge

Some injured workers have had benefits cut by half since pre-existing conditions policy came into effect

  • CBC News Ottawa
  • By Ashley Burke

          October 27, 2016

Has the WSIB let you down?

A paramedic near Ottawa says the WSIB is unfairly alleging a pre-existing condition as a reason to deny him benefits. Has it happened to you? Open lines with lawyer Maryth Yachnin.

  • CBC Radio
  • Ontario Today with Rita Celli
    October 26, 2016

WSIB slashes injured Pakenham paramedic's compensation

Dan O'Connor ordered to resume training after insurance board pins blame on 'pre-existing conditions'

  • CBC News Ottawa
  • By Laurie Fagan

          October 26, 2016

Saskatchewan WCB proposes 7.5% average premium rate cut for 2017

Saskatchewan’s Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is proposing an average premium rate drop of 7.5 per cent for 2017.

  • ​Global News
  • By David Giles

          October 18, 2016

Injured farm worker struggles to survive after support cut off

An illiterate Jamaican farmer with a Grade 4 education told by WSIB he could find customer service work in Ontario after traumatic injury. Worker’s advocates call the decision ‘farcical.’

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter
    Fri., Oct. 7, 2016

WSIB policy pushes hurt workers into 'humiliating' jobs and unemployment, critics say

Ontario’s worker compensation board says early return-to-work plans help accident victims recover. Critics say it’s all about cutting costs.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter
    Mon., Sept. 12, 2016

OFL Calls for Justice and Safe Working Conditions for All Temp Agency Workers

The OFL sends condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the young woman killed when a conveyor belt caught her clothing on September 2, 2016 at Fiera Foods, in Toronto’s West End.

  • Ontario Federation of Labour - OFL
  • By Unknown

          Sept. 2, 2016

[ON] ​Secretive drug policies putting injured workers at risk, critics say

Legal clinic fighting to get list of drugs covered by worker compensation board as benefit spending drops.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter
    Mon., Aug. 29, 2016

[ON] Worker compensation board denies claim it pressured MD on medical reports

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board files statement of defence in $3.2-million lawsuit brought by Hamilton doctor.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Jacques Gallant - Staff Reporter
    Sat., Aug. 27, 2016​

[AB] Alberta's CFL players could be the first in Canada eligible for WCB coverage

Earlier this year, the provincial government convened an independent, three-member panel to take a look at Alberta’s workers’ compensation legislation, and the CFL Players Association has asked it to recommend extending coverage to professional football.

  • ​The Edmonton Journal
  • By Emma Graney

          August 25, 2016

[AB] CFLPA urges Alberta government to look at how football players ‘injured on the job’ are protected

The Canadian Football League’s Players’ Association (CFLPA) is calling for CFL players injured on the job in Alberta to be treated like other workers when they suffer a workplace injury.

  • ​Global News
  • By Phil Heidenreich

          August 24, 2016

Injured workers victimized

It is clear that, by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board cutting back on workers’ benefits in order to lower its incredibly huge unfunded pension liability, injured workers are the victims of unfair treatment.

  • Toronto Star
  • By unknown
  • Tues., Aug. 2, 2016

Provincial watchdog sees major spike in injured worker complaints

​​Ontario’s worker compensation board facing hundreds of ombudsman complaints, as injured worker advocates call for an official probe.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter
    Sat., July 23, 2016

Man sets himself on fire at WCB building in Edmonton
​​A man was taken to hospital Friday after apparently setting himself on fire at the Workers' Compensation Board building in downtown Edmonton

  • CBC News
  • By Travis McEwan

          July 15, 2016

Fewer workers getting help for ‘serious injuries,’ statistics show

Critics blame systemic reduction in fair compensation, but WSIB says plunge due to drop in claims.

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter

          July 3, 2016

Head of Workers’ Compensation Board in Alberta earned almost $900K last year

EDMONTON – New salary disclosures from the Alberta government reveal that the head of the Workers’ Compensation Board took home almost $900,000 last year.

  • Global News
  • By Emily Mertz

          June 24, 2016

Sask. NDP tables bill on PTSD coverage

Saskatchewan’s New Democrats tabled a bill Thursday that calls for presumed Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) coverage for anyone with work-related post-traumatic stress disorder, regardless of his or her profession.

  • Global News
  • By Blake Lough

          June 23, 2016

Saskatchewan NDP bill calls for presumptive WCB coverage for PTSD

An upcoming bill from the Saskatchewan NDP offers financial and emotional relief for workers who developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to an incident on the job.

  • Global News
  • By Ryan Kessler

          June 22, 2016

WSIB critics say spending cuts are 'devastating' injured workers

Letter signed by more than 140 doctors, legal clinics, and labour groups, expresses deep concern about injured workers who are increasingly unable to get the treatment their doctors recommend...

  • Toronto Star
  • By Sara Mojtehedzadeh - Work and Wealth reporter
    Fri., June 10, 2016

‘He was a hero’: widow remembers Alberta man killed in workplace incident

EDMONTON – An Alberta woman wants her husband to be remembered as a hero, after he was killed in a workplace incident near Redwater.

  • Global News
  • By Quinn Ohler

          June 9, 2016

Alberta WCB hostage taker poses risk on release if not monitored: parole board

The federal parole board says an Alberta man who took nine hostages in an Edmonton office building in 2009 is still a risk to society and should live in a halfway house when released.

  • Global News
  • By staff The Canadian Press   

          May 27, 2016

Workplace injuries down in Saskatchewan; 4th highest injury rate in Canada

REGINA – Workplace injuries are down according to the 2015 Workers Compensation Board’s (WCB) Annual Report.

  • Global News Toronto
  • By Christa Dao

          April 26, 2016

Alberta government launches review of Workers’ Compensation Board

EDMONTON – The Alberta government has issued a formal review of province’s Workers’ Compensation Board.

  • Global News Toronto
  • By Slav Kornik

          March 24, 2016

Ontario passes legislation on PTSD treatment for first responders

Labour Minister Kevin Flynn made an announcement with Community Safety Minister Yasir Naqvi, introducing legislation that will see post-traumatic stress disorder included as a “presumptive” occupational illness for first responders.

  • Global News Toronto
  • By Keith Leslie The Canadian Press  

          April 5, 2016

2015 - WCB News Stories

Ontario psychologist 'alarmed by what's happening to WSIB claimants'
Group says WSIB unfairly denying patient claims, ignoring recommendations from health care providers

  • CBC News Toronto
  • By Unknown

          November 5, 2015

Worksafe BC neither working nor safe for injured workers with chronic pain — study

Tom Sandborn weighs in on the plight of chronic pain patients who deal with WorkSafe BC.

  • Vancouver Observer
  • By Tom Sandborn

          June 10, 2015

Windsor's self-described defender of injured workers fights peace bond

A man who sees himself as a champion of injured workers grew agitated and emotional on the witness stand Wednesday as he tried to stop an arm of the Ontario government from muzzling his online comments.

  • Windsor Star
  • By Trevor Wilhelm                                         

          March 18, 2015

Ontario's workplace safety board tries to muzzle online commenter

The security manager of Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has gone to court trying to censor a disgruntled claims applicant from saying nasty things about him on Facebook.

  • Windsor Star
  • By Trevor Wilhelm                                         

          March 17, 2015

Edmonton paramedic hits roadblock returning to work after PTSD treatment

After seeking medical help for his illness, a local paramedic is not allowed patient contact.

  • ​Global News
  • By Trevor Wilhelm                                         

          April 15, 2015

2014 - WCB News Stories

Nova Scotia court hears challenge to job-related stress compensation rules

HALIFAX – Nine lawyers made their way into the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal on Friday to argue if the stress exclusion in a section of the Workers’ Compensation Act violates a man’s constitutional rights.

  • Global News
  • By  Mayya Assouad                                        

          December 5, 2014

Nova Scotia man to challenge compensation rules for job-related stress in court

HALIFAX – A Nova Scotia man is taking the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) to the province’s Court of Appeal on Friday. John Dale claims a section of the board’s act, which doesn’t recognize gradual onset stress, violates his constitutional rights.

  • Global News
  • By  Mayya Assouad                                        

          December 3, 2014

Workers' compensation system [Of Nova Scotia]'appallingly disturbing': doctor

[Nova Scotia] WCB sometimes coerces workers into treatments recommended by its own doctor, says doctor

  • CBC News Nova Scotia
  • By  Unknown                                        

          Oct. 10, 2014

Worker deaths too high: WCB

If current trends continue, 2014 could well be the deadliest year on record for Yukon workers.

  • Yukon News
  • By Jesse Winter                                         

          June 2, 2014

Fines for unsafe workplaces going up

WINNIPEG – The Manitoba government is increasing penalties for unsafe workplaces.

  • Global News
  • By Staff Canadian Press                                         

          April 28, 2014

Canada: Workplace Bullying And Harassment: To What Extent Does Workers’ Compensation Legislation Insulate Employers From Liability?

A number of recent Western Canadian court decisions have found that employees who suffer mental distress as a result of bullying or harassment in the workplace are barred from suing their employer for damages if their workplace is subject to workers' compensation insurance. Despite these decisions, employers should not to assume workers' compensation offers comprehensive protection against liability for bullying and harassment in the workplace. This is far from the case.

  • McLennan Ross LLP
  • Daniel R. Bokenfohr                                        

          March 18, 2014

2013 - WCB News Stories

Bedford woman struggling with homelessness seeks help!

A workplace injury in 2006 left Kim Gaetz unable to work

  • CBC News Nova Scotia
  • By Unknown                                         

          Feb. 28, 2013