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Support Groups for Injured Workers & Their Families


If you are a support group leader and would like your support group meeting  information placed here, then send me a message using my contact page and I will gladly add the information.

A lot of times support groups struggle to exist even, though they provide an invaluable service to society.

To help support the groups I have created a "Advocates How To Page"

where support groups can learn about business registration as well as funding options available to them.

Canada Injured Worker Support Groups

Britain Injured Worker Support Groups

United States Injured Worker Support Groups

Australia Injured Worker Support Groups

Aside from fighting their respective WCB, and surviving the extremely long delays with WCB decisions, another issue injured workers & their families face is the emotional, physical, and financial difficulties experienced with the actual fight against the WCBs.


Like all humans beings, we gain strength through support of others.

​To help injured workers and their support groups better connect,

I have provided this page to list support group information.

​When they meet, where they meet,

as well as any other information the group has, 

such as website, social media pages etc.

​I have broken the information down geographically by country, province/state etc.